About Dr. Freitag

Dr. Freitag earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UCLA, and obtained his Master and Doctorate degrees from Yale University.  He has been an instructor at various colleges and universities, including UCLA Department of Psychology, UCLA Extension, Antioch University, California State Universities at Los Angeles and Northridge, and the California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles.  He has held the position of Clinical Professor of Psychology in the UCLA Department of Psychology and was a supervising clinical psychologist at the UCLA Psychology Clinic.  He has extensive background in special education, and programs that address the learning, emotional and development needs of children and youth with special needs, having been the Executive Director of two private, nonprofit, publicly-funded special education schools in the San Fernando Valley.  He has administered publicly-funded community mental health clinics throughout Los Angeles County.   Dr. Freitag serves on several boards of directors of nonprofit community service organizations.  He recently relocated his private, clinical psychology practice of forty years to the North San Diego County area.