Professional Psychological Services

Gil Freitag, Ph.D. a licensed clinical psychologist, offers over forty years of professional experience to assist individuals, couples, and families learn ways to overcome difficult and stressful life situations.

Working together with children, parents, teenagers, young and maturing adults of all ages, Dr. Freitag creates a safe and caring setting for the examination of troubling behaviors, and the expression of worrisome thoughts and feelings. Using a problem solving approach which draws on the resources of both the client and the therapist, people adopt new ways of understanding, learn strategies to manage more effectively, develop new resources, become happier, and grow personally in the process. Other therapeutic approaches are psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and psycho-educational.

Some of the perplexing issues which often require Dr. Freitag’s professional attention are:

  • Developmental issues of young children, school age children and teens, such as developmental delays, school problems, attention deficits, hyperactivity, impulsive or compulsive behavior, expression of anger or fear, excessive anxiety, sleep difficulties, friendships, social isolation, bullying, sibling rivalry, victims of abuse, and others.
  • Parenting difficulties which include how best to address developmental difficulties of children and youth, manage problem behaviors, improve communication, strengthen relationships, set limits, bring order and calm to one’s home, improve school performance, step-parenting, foster and maintain healthy psychological growth and social interaction.
  • Relationship issues of marital conflicts, volatile emotions and behavior, poor patterns of communication, negotiating individual differences, seeking appropriate partners, abusive relationships, strengthening troubled relationships, and ending others.
  • Life Transitions such as the birth of a sibling, entering or ending a marriage, pre-and post-divorce, blended families, entering young adulthood, living independently, and dating
  • Substance use, abuse and addiction issues
  • Occupational difficulties such as job-related stress, supervisory difficulties, conflict with co-workers, excessive anxiety, loss of self-confidence, loss of employment
  • Gender and sexual orientation/identification issues
  • Men’s issues such as developing self-awareness, forming self-identity , identifying needs, appropriate expression of feelings, changing maladaptive patterns, more successful role performance, increased self-confidence, mastery of developmental tasks of male adulthood
  • Aging such as changing relationships with family members and adult children, grand-parenting, job changes, changes in residence, retirement, caring for an aging parent , chronic health conditions of one’s own or one’s spouse, loss and grief
  • Psychological conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive-Compulsivity, Panic Disorder, Eating Disorders, Trauma and PTSD, Mood Disorders, and Bi-Polar Disorder


From The Jason L. Family

You have been such a beacon for our family during difficult times.  Thank you for helping us maintain a clearer perspective.  –The Jason L. Family
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